Day Retreat

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– Celebrate Yourself!

‘Pua Kinikini’ – Unique Day Retreat on Kauai 

There are many ways of creating your Personal, Private Retreat Day, designed to your fitness level, desired adventure, wellness and healing intentions.


  • Welcoming celebration
  • Program: 1 full day. We specifically cater the program to your individual intentions for your retreat.
  • Complete personalized attention
  • Transportation (we drive you)
  • Healthy lunch, snacks
  • Materials and surprises


Start the day with a movement class of your choice. Continue with an adventurous experience to one of Kauai’s special places. Or with a gentle island tour to one or more power spots for a cleansing or empowering outdoor healing, including a healthy picnic lunch. Finish your day with a massage or bodywork treatment.

Start the day with a yoga class. Take a little rest with a delicious healthy drink or snack and continue your morning with a healing treatment of your choice. After a delightful lunch, learn and practice a relaxation technique that you can use at home. Enjoy another wellness treatment and complete your day with a guided meditation.

Start the day with your clear intention, a ritual and a guided meditation. Allow the day to unfold, following your intuition and our guidance. Complete your day with a celebration!


Rates depend on your program choices and the number of participants.

Please contact us with your desires and inspirations!

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